Halliday Solicitors - with you in change

Halliday Solicitors team at the office in Beechworth.

Lawyers for the long term

We seek legal guidance at points of change in our lives. Whether it’s buying or selling property, a separation, a death, an intergenerational transfer of a farm, or beginning or winding up a business.

These are big moments, and Halliday Solicitors are with you in change.


Our Services

Property Law & Conveyancing

Wills & Estates 

Farm Succession

Business & Commercial Law

Not-for-Profits and Social Enterprises

The Halliday Way

Why choose Halliday Solicitors?

We are relational: We spend the time to understand the big picture. We work to understand where our clients are at, and where they want to go. We know that when we value relationships, we’re able to  deepen our knowledge of a situation, and we have a much better chance at obtaining a result that’s satisfactory for our client.

We give expert advice: We’re really good at what we do. We pride ourselves on offering a high quality legal service.  

We are approachable: We’re straight talkers. We don’t overcomplicate things.

We are pragmatic. We are rational thinkers: We realise that often for our clientele, the legal component of their problem is only one slice of a pie. We understand that legal advice in a vacuum might not be appropriate commercially or relationally. We’re focused on listening and understanding and getting to the heart of the issue.

We are thorough: We understand that matters can be intimate and detailed. We don’t rush. 

We are collaborative: we seek practical outcomes in partnership with other lawyers, and parties, rather than being positional and adversarial. Where possible, we try to work towards a mutual result.

We are cost competitive: We are efficient. We don’t waste people’s time.

Our people

Our team all live in the towns and valleys of North East Victoria. We are committed to serving our community for the long term. As a law firm in a regional area, we believe that we have a role to play contributing to the fabric of our community. We have a genuine interest in our practice areas. We work in a cohesive and collaborative manner to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.